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Patriot Fireworks
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Patriot Fireworks
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Fireworks Celebrations Made Easy by Patriot Fireworks

Patriot Fireworks brings the best in fireworks direct to you with our outstanding selection from top manufacturers. Patriot Fireworks is proud to provide online shopping for your convenience, so you can easily make the most out of your fireworks celebrations. At any season of the year, we are here for you to provide the service you need with discounts that give you “more bang for your buck.” Call us for prompt service or to answer any questions you may have: (304) 229-3500.

Choose from the Most Popular Types & Brands of Fireworks

All the New Items, with the Power and Assortments Most In-Demand

Patriot Fireworks takes special pride in offering customers new firework items. These new items keep you on the cutting edge of firework displays. When you buy fireworks online from Patriot Fireworks, you are sure to get the freshest and newest firework designs. Choose from 200-gram and 500-gram cake and mortar kits, plus assortments that will keep the entire family entertained for hours.

Firecrackers, Fountains, Helicopters, and Missiles

Check our pages and put together your favorites from among our top-quality fireworks. Get the firecrackers, fountains, helicopters, and missiles that will make your next fireworks display the best it has ever been. Buy fireworks online from Patriot Fireworks for the tradition and innovation you want in your next fireworks show.

Why Fireworks? Rockets, Roman Candles, Sparkers, and Novelties

If you are a fireworks fan and love the big displays, Patriot Fireworks has the rockets and Roman candles that will make your presentation even better than the last. Not a big fan of big displays? Patriot Fireworks is still the place to go! With our great variety of sparklers and novelties, these little bursts will give your family and guests a fun and exciting time. Buy your novelty items and smoke from us, and use them to set the right mood of fun for your next special event. Put together your own gift packs that are perfect for guests.

Tubes & Racks for the Right Mix of Light and Sound

Patriot Fireworks offers our customers some of the best fireworks products and is proud to be one of the leading fireworks stores in West Virginia. We are proud to serve customers in the tri-state area of West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Customers know to call Patriot Fireworks when they are looking for fireworks, along with the tubes and racks needed for a professional display.

Are You a Fireworks Fanatic? Patriot Sparks a Lot of Fun!

Consumer Fireworks Store Serving MD, PA, VA, & WV

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC approves and sets the safety standards for the consumer fireworks sold by Patriot Fireworks. CPSC-approved fireworks must be able to withstand 350-degree temperatures for two days, must not explode with mechanical shock, are limited to a maximum of 500 grams of explosive composition, and cannot have aerial bursts with any more than 130 milligrams of flash powder. Items that are not approved by the CPSC cannot be classified as consumer fireworks. For more details, see our safety news page, or visit the CPSC website at

Savings You Want with the Safety You Need

Customers throughout our service area visit Patriot Fireworks for the best in fireworks for West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Find out more about us, our discounts, and get in touch with us when you are looking for the top fireworks distributor in the region. Nothing beats the quality, selection, and savings you find at Patriot Fireworks. Contact us with any questions, so you can have a total “blast” at your next party or special event.

Know Before You Show!

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Permanent Locations

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