200-Gram Cake Fireworks for your celebrations


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Patriot Fireworks Lets You Have Your “Cake”

Customers love 200-gram cake fireworks from Patriot Fireworks. Why? Because cake-type fireworks are the most popular items after basic sparklers and firecrackers, and can offer some of the best displays around. Impress your friends and family at your next gathering or celebration with something a little more. Contact us online anytime at your convenience or call (304) 229-3500. Our 200-gram cake fireworks offer a single fuse that provides a variety of effects.

Selling 200-Gram Cake Fireworks in MD, PA, VA, and WV

Rely on Patriot Fireworks for the 200-gram cake fireworks you need for your next show or celebration. Patriot serves a four-state market area from our base in West Virginia, and delivers quality fireworks for celebrations to customers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, too! When you are looking for a fireworks store in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia, look no farther than Patriot Fireworks, in Bunker Hill, WV.

Online Fireworks Store in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Patriot Fireworks is one of the busiest fireworks suppliers in the mid-Atlantic region, providing our 200-gram cake fireworks to many customers and retailers. Purchase from us with online convenience and know you are getting quality firework displays that are sure to impress your viewing audience. Connect and draw attention when you need it most, with 200-gram cake fireworks. We even have 500-gram cake for even more bang for your buck—show responsibly!

Trusted Fireworks Distributor Serving MD, PA, VA, & WV

Firework Fun with 200-Gram Cake

Cake fireworks are often called ‘repeaters’ or ‘multi-shot aerials.’ They are constructed for fun, with lighting ease that only requires one fuse. The aerial effects often include spinners, comets, and more. Outside of fireworks and sparklers, cake displays are the most popular consumer fireworks item.

Look for these and other 200-Gram Cake items at Patriot Fireworks, your regional fireworks store!

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