Helicopters - Spinning Fireworks Add a Whirl of Excitement

Helicopter Fireworks – Spinning Fun for All Displays!

Having a Fireworks Event in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia? Contact Patriot Fireworks for a great selection and outstanding customer service!

Types of Helicopter or Spinning Fireworks from Patriot Fireworks

Patriot Fireworks offers a selection of helicopter or spinning fireworks. We have them in our store, and can ship out to customers throughout our West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania service area:

Patriot Fireworks’ availability of helicopter and spinning fireworks does vary based on supply. Contact us to review our most current inventory.

Get the Flying Combination: Spinners, Helicopters, UFOs

Bulk up your fireworks purchase with a variety of spinners. Items like helicopters, spinners, and UFOs can add great fun to your fireworks show! Sold alone or in sets, be sure to look or ask your friendly Patriot Fireworks staff member about our variety of helicopter-type fireworks. Add excitement to your next fireworks display with spinning fireworks that will add action and interest. Contact us online anytime, or call us at (304) 229-3500 today!

What is a Helicopter Firework?

Helicopter-type fireworks get their name because they often spin very fast, lift high into the sky (like helicopters do), and then explode or burst apart into special aerial effects. Spinning-type fireworks add an interesting variety to individual home shows and professional displays alike. Helicopter fireworks are also known as planes, sky flyers, or even UFOs, and are a great attention-getter!

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