Missiles & Rockets Zooming Up to the Sky

Choose from Saturn Missile Varieties from Patriot Fireworks:

Missile Batteries for a Sky-Rocketing Great Display

Fireworks fans know the fun of setting off multiple sky rockets. As part of a planned fireworks display, Saturn Missile batteries are a go-to feature that most audience members anticipate. As you plan your fireworks display, be sure to include multiple-shot missile batteries to your list. Contact Patriot Fireworks for a variety of missile batteries that you will be glad to include in your next display, or call us at (304) 229-3500.

Saturn Missiles from Patriot Add Rocket-Powered Fun to Displays

Patriot Fireworks offers batteries of Saturn Missiles to our customers. We find these assortments are some of the best sizes for many fireworks shows. Patriot offers customers in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania some of the most popular Saturn Missile fireworks. We serve the region, providing outstanding customer service and strive to keep all our customers coming back for more.

What are Missile-Type Rockets and How Are They Used?

Missile fireworks can be described as sky rockets. Missiles do not have sticks for guidance, so they may rotate for stability on lift-off. Missile rockets can also be shot from a tube, such as with our Saturn Missile batteries. Missiles can be used individually or as a group, set off in multiple shots. Patriot Fireworks offers individual and multiple missile batteries to our customers.

Safety First is a Rule for Regular Fireworks Fun

Patriot Fireworks enjoys providing missile-type fireworks and rockets to customers throughout our service area of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Are you getting ready for your next show? Be sure to check our events calendar and more on our fireworks safety page. Whether you are a pyro pro putting together a community show, or looking for a quick and impactful home display, Patriot Fireworks wants every customer to be proactive and keep safety first.

Shop for your favorite Missiles at Patriot Fireworks, your regional fireworks store!

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