Mortar Kits for Firework Displays & Designs

Mortar Fireworks from Patriot Fireworks in WV, VA, PA, and MD Include:

Bigger Booms with Mortar Kits from Patriot Fireworks

Mortar Kits? Sure, we have mortar kits! When you are ready for serious fireworks fun, mortar kits from Patriot Fireworks are the way to go. Kick your fireworks up to the pro level with exploding mortars and watch the designs awe and amaze. Order mortars from Patriot Fireworks with the same online convenience as our other fireworks. Stop into our store, or call (304) 229-3500 today!

Mortars Capture the Attention, for More “Oohs” and “Aahs”

Mortars are where the “ooh!” and the “aah!” come from in fireworks displays. Mortar kits from Patriot Fireworks provide the special effects, streaks, and more that truly capture the attention of audiences of all ages. Light the fuse and watch the fun times explode before your very eyes!

Mortars and Assorted Shell-Type Fireworks

Most display fireworks in shows are shot using mortars. Mortars come with a paper or HDPE tube that contain a shell and lengthy fuse. The shell includes a lift charge on the bottom. This propels it into the air, where it explodes open and releases stars and other effects. These effects streak the sky with several designs.

Assemble Your Best Fireworks Show with Mortars from Patriot Fireworks

Take our variety of mortars, then combine them with other types of fireworks for a full display that will serve any large gathering or community. Tubes and cakes, firecrackers, spinners, even hand-held sparklers and special-effects smoke can combine to liven up any holiday, party, or other celebration. Patriot Fireworks is your regional partner when it comes to having the best fireworks show. Get in touch online any day of the week. All the best, from your fireworks connection—Patriot Fireworks.

Look for these and other Mortar fireworks at Patriot Fireworks, your regional fireworks store!

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