Roman Candles – Part of a Brilliant Plan for a Crackling Good Time

Patriot Fireworks Has Roman Candle Options for Your Next Event

Patriot Fireworks wants to make it easy for our customers in WV, VA, MD, and PA to get the Roman candle options you want for your next event. We provide a variety of individual and assorted Roman candles. Our Roman candle selection at Patriot Fireworks consist of these popular names:

Light Up Outdoor Displays with Roman Candle Excitement

Roman candles can be the ideal way to get an outdoor party or event going. Draw attention and flair with a brilliant, crackling display of Roman candles. Whether you are doing an expo, show, or other outdoor party, Patriot Fireworks is your local resource for the best and most popular Roman candles. So, whether you plan to shop online or in our store, contact us online anytime to ask questions or let us know what you need, or call (304) 229-3500.

Do You Plan an Event in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia? Consider Patriot Fireworks for a great selection and outstanding customer service!

What Is a Roman Candle? How to Use It Safely?

A Roman candle consists of a paper tube filled with composition that shoots flaming balls out of one end of the tube. Most types of Roman candles have five or more of these balls. Never attempt to use Roman candles by hand, because they get very hot. One of the most secure ways to use them safely is to either plant them into the ground or pre-assemble them in one or more five-gallon buckets containing a few inches of kitty litter at the bottom. This provides for stability and greater accuracy. Be sure to aim the Roman candles away from any people or flammable objects that may be nearby to ensure safety and enjoyment.

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