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Safety Comes First at Patriot Fireworks, Your Regional Fireworks Store

The safe and proper use of fireworks and novelty products must come first before everyone can have a great time. Patriot Fireworks reminds you that knowing the ins and outs of your planned location, audience size, event or venue rules and limitations, weather, and more can all factor into the type of fireworks display you assemble. Patriot Fireworks wants to see you again as a repeat customer, so safety with all fireworks must come first. We proactively post any notices we receive about fireworks safety. Contact Patriot Fireworks online anytime, and our staff is ready to answer your important safety questions, seven days a week: (304) 229-3500.

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Events and Holidays are Perfect for Patriot Fireworks

Patriot Fireworks knows our products are great anytime of the year. Just think of all the birthdays there are! However, most customers prefer to wait for the right special day throughout the year when everybody else gets in on the fun. Plan for special events, shop with online convenience, or stop in to our store any day of the week. Working with Patriot Fireworks can help you and your family add a special touch to any holiday, celebration, or special event, throughout the year.

Events Calendar from Patriot Fireworks
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JANUARY: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, State Holidays, Inauguration Day, Chinese New Year
FEBRUARY: Presidents’ Day, Mardi Gras
MARCH: Earth Day, First Day of Spring
APRIL: Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, Easter, Patriot’s Day, Confederate Memorial Day
MAY: Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Graduations
JUNE: Flag day, Father’s Day, Emancipation Day, West Virginia Day
JULY: Independence Day
AUGUST: Left Handers Day, Photography Day
SEPTEMBER: Labor Day, Patriot Day
OCTOBER: Columbus Day
NOVEMBER: Veterans Day, Presidents’ Day, Thanksgiving Day
DECEMBER: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve


State Laws for Fireworks from the American Pyrotechnics Association

The American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) provides the definitive word and operates as a clearinghouse for state laws for fireworks in the United States. It is important to know that only two states in the country ban the sale of consumer fireworks entirely: Delaware and Massachusetts. Three states allow for the limited sale of wire or wood stick sparklers and other novelty items: Illinois, Ohio, and Vermont.

To view the fireworks laws for a state where you may be planning an event, obtain the Adobe Acrobat Reader application, which can be downloaded at the link. The APA link also gives you the ability to search the fireworks laws in all 50 states. Patriot Fireworks wants our customers to have this important information on how to buy and use fireworks properly, in accordance with state laws. Access this valuable information at:

Safe fun with fireworks all year long with Patriot Fireworks, your regional fireworks store!
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